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The solution to the abortion problem!

Dear god, I didn't realize how easy it would be! This is mostly tl;dr, but concernedparent would have you know that pro-lifers have absolutely no objection to women terminating pregnancies. It's true! In fact, they don't care about pregnancies at all, because millions of women end their pregnancies every day by giving birth or having c-sections. A c-section terminates a pregnancy before nature would have, so obviously pro-lifers have no problem with terminating pregnancies.

So the answer, of course, is just to change the name from "abortion" to "c-section". I'm not having an abortion, I'm just having a c-section at 12 weeks! If the womb-child happens to die after that procedure at 12 weeks, I'm not a murdering slut - I expect to see the same compassion you'd give a woman whose womb-child died after a c-section later in the pregnancy. Cause it's the same thing, right?


ConcernedParent has demonstrated a useful method of debate:  flood the opposition with such a long winded, intentionally ignorant misunderstanding of their views that they just give up and walk away instead of trying to pick apart the mess.

I'll be sure to use this tactic in abortiondebate as soon as I can :)

Short, but sweet snark

Here's a quickie before I head off to the store. A post made by Faithman. If you've been at Prolife America for ANY length of time, then you know that this fellow is by far the nuttiest of the nutbars there. I would even go so far as to say he's even bordering on sociopathic and/or psychopathic. No, seriously. Here is just one prime example.
He seems to take joy in illegal activities perpetrated against those he disagrees with. In this case, it's arson. Interesting, no?
Here are a just a couple gems:

jujujellybean (who has made a tireless effort to showcase her high level of maturity - NOOO LYKE SHE TOTULLY SRSLY IZZZ!!!1!!):

alright. Since you so easily ignore what I say, think of it this way: if a baby is eating something that could kill them, do you take it away? The baby thinks it is ok for them, and they don't know better. Should you have the right to snatch away the food, since the child chose to eat it? Same with abortion. Just because a woman thinks it is ok for her, does that mean that it is? She probably doesn't know better. These stories I have given you are real, and look at what has happened. I believe in rights as much as the next gal, but I do not believe in letting women persist in something that can only hurt them! I don't know how you can live knowing that you agreed to get a young girl an abortion. I appreciate that you let them know options, but abortion shouldn't be one of them. And you may say, well, me stopping would do nothing, people will just go elsewhere. That's as bad as me saying "well, lets ignore the problems in Africa and the world. Someone else will do it for me." Majority rules in this world, so if we take a stand, it will make a difference. Please stop hurting poor girls and women. You can persist in the lie that it is their choice and you shouldn't interfere. Stop this act of violence, it will help!!!!!

beprolifewithme (apparently the G-O-D's right-hand man/woman):

did u really have to kill three kids, and witness kiling in clinics every day?? what do u do there?? May god forgive you at your final judgment.

And I'm donnne. For now.

Yay for snark!

Seeing as there is no snark fest going on just yet, I figure I'll start this off with some classic cases.

"i do believe that every woman has a choice. that choice is to have sex or not. if a woman has sex and becomes pregnant, then that woman's choice was to have a child. if that woman did not want to have a child, then that woman shouldn't have had sex in the first place." Posted by HanHan

I both love and hate these for the same reason. The stupidity of mankind never ceases to amaze me. Here's a point for you, you bible humping moron: If sex was ONLY for making babies, why would god have given us the parts to make it enjoyable? Or, if sex is only for procreating, why is it a man's G-spot is in his ass? It must be because men can carry children in thier colons! I love having a choice :) I choose to have sex. (Horray for sex!) And, if I get knocked up make the soonest appointment for the vacuum cleaner's.

A question for PLA: When did Pro-choice become Pro-abort? Do the pro-aborters go bomb baby wards at hospitals and chase after pregnant women with coat hangers?

That's all for now. :)

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